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On my plate today?'s Journal
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Friday, December 26th, 2008
3:05 pm
My new community

Basically its a way of tracking what you are consuming daily, i'm doing it to make me more concious of what i'm putting in my mouth.
Most days hopefully it will be empty plates.

Warning do not click the link if you are triggered by food talks of food or pictures of food.
The community is specifically to post pictures of your food so the images are not behind cuts.

1:17 pm
First post!
cup o tea

I know its not a plate. But this is my breakfast 1 cup of tea.
2 sugars, semi skimmed milk, water and tea bag. I've always counted tea at bout 100 calories but just done a search and seen its more like 28calories with milk and sugar. Joyous.

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